Location: Turin, Italy
10th march, 2016

Who: developers, devOps,
startups, IT companies

The event:1 conference day +
2 workshop days

The day:500 attendees
3 tracks, 20 relators

Moments from 2016 CloudConf

Thanks to our partners & sponsors: they made it possible

Speakers involved in this edition!

List of useful notes by @Kelset

Sven Peters

Evangelist @ Atlassian
Slides & Video

Danilo Poccia

Technology Evangelist @ Amazon Web Services
Slides 1, Slides 2 & Video

Alexander Reelsen

Software Engineer @ Elastic
(Elasticsearch core dev team)
Slides & Video

Marco Cedaro

Senior Web Engineer @ Shazam Entertainment

Phil Leggetter

Developer @ Real-Time Web Consultancy
Slides, codes & Video

Roberto Franchini

Senior Software Engineer @ OrientDB

Antonio Murdaca

Associate Software Engineer @ RedHat
(Docker Core maintainer)

Emil Stolarsky

Production Engineer @ Shopify

Rob Morgan

Director of Engineering @ Sparklist
(creator of Phinx)

Oded Coster

‎Software Engineer @ Stack Overflow
Slides & Video

Walter Dal Mut

Solution Architect @ Corley Cloud
Slides & Video

Gianluca Arbezzano

Software Engineer @ CurrencyFair.com
Slides & Video

Aanand Prasad

Engineer @ Docker

Max Amordeluso

Head of Solution Architecture (EU) @ Amazon Web Services

Mauro Servienti

Solution Architect @ Particular Software
Slides & Video

Alessio Rocchi

R&D Engineer @ Aruba

Francesco Ficili

Embedded Software Expert @ ETAS

Jessica Tibaldi

Technical Evangelist Azure & Startups Lead @ Microsoft

Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine

Cloud Developer Relations @ Google

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