The CloudConf Schedule! March 10th, 2016

21 sessions about cloud computing and scalability from our experienced speakers!

09:00 - 09:30 Check-in

9:40, Keynote

Rise of the Machines:
Automate your Development

by Sven Peters
Evangelist @ Atlassian

10:25, Keynote

Building Event-driven
Serverless Applications

by Danilo Poccia
Technical Evangelist @ Amazon Web Services

11:00 - 11:30 Coffee break!

11:30, Keynote

The Internet is a Computer

by Aanand Prasad
Engineer @ Docker

12:00, Keynote

Google Cloud Vision API:
What a great time to be a developer!

by Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine
Cloud Developer Relations @ Google

12:30, Keynote

Awesome logging infrastructure
using the Elastic stack

by Alexander Reelsen
Software Engineer @ Elastic
(Elasticsearch core dev team)

13:00 - 14:00 Lunch!

Room "Madrid"

Room "500"

Room "London"

14:00  #iot  #aws

Connecting the Unconnected:
IoT Made Simple

by Max Amordeluso
Head of Solution Architecture (EU) @ Amazon Web Services

14:00  #architecture

The road to a
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
& a message based infrastructure

by Mauro Servienti
Solution Architect @ Particular Software

14:00  #serverless #frontend

The uncloud:
getting to know Service Workers

by Marco Cedaro
Senior Web Engineer @ Shazam Entertainment

14:30  #continuous integration

Build a Python environment on cloud with Vagrant

by Alessio Rocchi
R&D Engineer @ Aruba

14:30  #performance  

Stack Overflow behind the scenes
how it's made

by Oded Coster
‎Software Engineer @ Stack Overflow

14:30  #IoT

Develop and deploy Internet of Things applications over http

by Francesco Ficili
Embedded Software Expert @ ETAS

15:00 - 15:30 Coffee break!

15:30  #php #realtime

Real-Time Web
Apps & PHP:
What are your options?

by Phil Leggetter
Developer @ Real-Time Web Consultancy

15:30  #docker

advanced features

by Antonio Murdaca Associate Software Engineer @ RedHat
(Docker Core maintainer)

15:30  #bigdata

Get Value
from Your Data

by Danilo Poccia
Technical Evangelist @ Amazon Web Services

16:00  #database  #migration

Migrating your Database
with Phinx

by Rob Morgan
Director of Engineering @ Sparklist
(creator of Phinx)

16:00  #docker  #continuous integration

Testing at Scale
with Docker

by Emil Stolarsky
Production Engineer @ Shopify

16:00  #iot  #mqtt

MQTT for
IOT Application with LUA scripting

by Vincenzo Germano
Hardware Responsible @ Denso

16:30  #php  #migration

A ZF story:
Parallel made easy

by Gianluca Arbezzano

Software Engineer @

16:30  #database

the 2nd generation of (MultiModel) NoSQL

by Roberto Franchini
Senior Software Engineer @ OrientDB

16:30  #iot  #azure

Connecting your device to the cloud:
How to process IoT Hub device messages

by Jessica Tibaldi Technical Evangelist Azure & Startups Lead @ Microsoft

17:00 - 17:15 Last break!

17:15, Closing keynote

The Road to the Cloud:
continuous delivery and deployment

Walter Dal Mut Solution Architect @ Corley Cloud

event ends at 17:40

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